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Ignite Dating is a new Brisbane start-up running speed dating and other singles events at Brisbane’s finest venues.

Speed Dating

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$59/$49 wine tasting/one drink & tapas

Thu 24th Jun 7:00

Grape Therapy 471 Adelaide St CBD

$39 for cocktail* or one drink

*Fruit Tingle/Sex on Beach

Wed 30th Jun 7:00

Cavill Hotel 46 Cavill Ave Surfers P.

Wine Tasting Speed Dating 35-49 Grape Therapy

Gold Coast Speed Dating
27-40 Cavill Hotel

Singles  Events

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Circulating Dinner & Wine Tasting 28-40

$25 includes tasting of 4 wines

Sat 24th July 6:30

Punjabi Palace 135 Melbourne St

Winery Day at Woodford


$59 two wine tastings, lunch, transport

Llamas & alpacas

Sat 10th Jul 9:30-5:30

Roma st bus stop 125

Speed Dating 27-39
Lord Alfred Hotel

$39/$33 Cocktail/one drink

Fri 2nd Jul 7:00

Lord Alfred Hotel 68 Petrie Terrace

brisbane speed dating
brisbane speed dating

singles event
singles event

singles brisbane
singles brisbane

brisbane speed dating
brisbane speed dating



Why do Ignite Speed Dating Brisbane?


Ignite Speed Dating Brisbane is ideal for you active professionals with busy schedules. You may be time-poor, but you know what you want, and are serious about dating. Sure, there are free apps out there, where you may encounter all manner of things (or you may find you won’t get far without paying). With Ignite Speed Dating Brisbane you are guaranteed to meet Brisbane people looking for the same thing as you, committed to coming to an event. (Edit: we also run Gold Coast events now). Having met in person once, filter free, you’ll find organising that second catch up considerably easier than via an app.

Secondly, Ignite Speed Dating Brisbane is fun! Many of our events include ‘ice-breaking activities’ which help people feel relaxed and provide talking points throughout the night, for exmaple wine, whisky or gin tastings. Would you choose chatting to someone face to face over a drink in a stylish venue, or incessantly pushing buttons on a phone? Recent research is indicating the modern influx of technology is leading to people feeling less connected and more lonely than ever. 

‘Speed dating? Why not just meet people out in a bar without paying?’  Imagine a man going from one woman to another, to another, in a bar having 10 quick conversations – not a good look. Yes public bars can be a good place for people to meet in, if you can pull it off, but it is rare that any of a vast number of things doesn’t go wrong. For instance - Is the person you’re talking to single? Are they looking for a relationship or just some fun? Do they live in Brisbane? There’s a lot to consider - before you get into the conversation there’s also public rejection, aggressive/drunken behaviour and presumably you are out with friends that need to somehow fit in to the situation. It can be done, but doing Ignite Speed Dating Brisbane eliminates so many obstacles, greatly increasing your chance of meeting someone in one night. After all, you’re a busy professional who values their time, and safety.