IGNITE DATING is a small Brisbane Startup. That's not to say we are short on experience though, our hosts have run hundreds of events in other forums and have previously worked in the speed dating field. We run our events at some of Brisbane's finest venues that are ideal for dating, such as wine bars Baedeker (National caterer of the year 2019) and Grape Therapy. 


We have a passion for social events, and value face to face interaction. As technology is progressing, studies show that people are lonelier than ever, increasing the importance of social get togethers.

Our events have a friendly, welcoming vibe, with employees striding to introduce guests to each other, and ensure everyone feels comfortable. You won't find long-winded sermons from us when you come to our speed dating (only on this page!), but there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with other people, potential dates and mates alike.

We encourage our members to follow our lead in terms of friendliness and politeness; not doing anything to unreasonably make others feel uncomfortable. You don't need to connect with everyone at the event, but rudeness and inappropriate behaviour is uncalled for and bad karma!

Ignite Dating is a local Brisbane speed dating business founded in 2019, running singles events as well as speed dating. We are on the lookout for some of Brisbane's finest venues and offer a variety of events ranging in price and including such activities as wine tasting, river cruises and paint and sip classes.

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