Circulating Dinner 40+

Tibetan Kitchen 216 Petrie Terrace

Thursday Apr 22 6:30
$15 entry includes a glass of wine

At a circulating dinner you move seats throughout the night, enabling you to meet more people. These dinners are relaxed events that enable you to get to easily get to know people pressure free.

The Tibetan kitchens is a cultural experience, aside from the tasty curries and rice dishes. Whilst we won't make it mandatory, the night will go a lot smoother for all if we each order the banquet. This is a fantastic deal for $28 and allows you to try a number of options on the menu, as well as having 3 courses.

Your $15 entry includes a glass of wine on arrival, and the host to ensure everything on the night runs smoothly, including all the moving. So come join us for this social dinner, meet some people and end up with some new friends if nothing else.

*As this is the first time attempting this age group, we can't guarantee equal numbers of males and females.