Sebastian runs our wine tasting events

at New Farm Park, wineries and BYO restaurants. He is also the resident manager at Grape Therapy in the CBD,  one of our regular speed dating venues.

With his level 3 WSET wine qualifications completed in 2018, Sebastian enlightens you with a charming British wit and runs his own freelance wine tasting experiences in Brisbane.


Logan is the manager and prime cocktail maker at our speed dating venue Proud Henry. Inspired and dedicated to his craft; with a semblance of an idea, Logan can whip you up a bespoke cocktail in no time with ease.

When doing our cocktail-tasting event at Proud Henry, Logan is the go-to man for elucidation and education. 



Paul is the lead organiser and host of many of our events. With extensive experience as a maths teacher, he finds organising tipsy adults a breeze, compared with a class of teenagers less than enthusiastic about maths. 

With a medium rigid license and experience running winery tours, Paul also drives the bus for any wine tour events we run.



Jas is another of our events hosts, hosting speed dating and singles events. Having recently moved to Australia from the USA, the home of speed dating, Jas is an innovative force of creativity.

Jas also assists with much of the marketing at Ignite Dating, and has aspirations of starting her own singles company, a dark day we hope never to see at Ignite!


Matt Massage.jpg

A new addition to the team, Matt will be your favourite person when he is giving you a massage at some of our singles events. Matt's Massage is registered and insured:

Matt had a gig recently massaging the team at B105, and is set to join us for our upcoming paint & sip singles party.

We considered acquiring Matt as a model for the night, but private massages whilst painting are a luxury too good to refuse. 



Wesley is the man behind Wesley Taylor Art Studios and runs our paint and sip events. He regularly runs events all over Brisbane, and winery tours with paint and sip classes.

Wesley has a previous history as an artist selling paintings, but now enjoys putting the sip into paint and sip - such  a fun and flirtation event to meet people at!

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