Q: I'm coming to one of your amazing speed dating events in Brisbane and am wondering what to wear?

Whilst speed dating is definitely a  ‘dress to impress’ situation,  you can overdo it and there are other things to consider. Dating is so-often a confidence game, so you want to wear something you feel comfortable in. Having said that, if you are dressed better than the competition this will lead to more confidence. 

You want your speed dates with other people to be a fun experience, and not feel like a business meeting. The image you present, including what you wear, will influence this experience. Yet you also want to present a ‘professional, have your adult act together’ appearance. So to give a specific example; to men speed dating in Brisbane we would say smart shoes with matching belt, long trousers (think slacks) and a buttoned up shirt. There is more to it than that of course, such as putting together colours that work together. Also you don’t want to go looking like a waiter and have your date start giving you orders.

For more information, here is an article written by the Sydney Morning Herald about speed dating:


Ignite Dating is a local Brisbane speed dating business founded in 2019, running singles events as well as speed dating. We are on the lookout for some of Brisbane's finest venues and offer a variety of events ranging in price and activities. Wine tasting, river cruises and paint and sip classes; whether you're looking for love or friendship we've got an event in Brisbane for you!

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