Wine Tasting In The Dark 28-40 (scroll down)

We're very excited to be bringing you this unique experience - wine tasting in the dark. You may have heard of dining in the dark; the theory being when one sense is diminished the others increase. So get ready to be blown away by tastes, smells and sounds of wine tasting in the dark, and meet people in a truly revolutionary fashion.

Ever wished people connected more in dating on a personality level than an aesthetic level? Well, with wine tasting in the dark, you won't be able to see the other members in the room so you'll have no choice!

Having said all that, the room won't be totally pitch black; but with the aid of some small candles we'll have it just right so you can only vaguely make out the objects around you (the important one being your wine glass!)

This event is to be run by Sebastian Langkamer who is the manager at wine bar Grape Therapy and our resident wine expert sommelier.  Sebastian is trained up to level 3 with the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust). With his charming British wit and in-depth knowledge, Sebastian will take you on a wine journey of the senses, senseless facts and answer any questions you can conjure.

Whilst the wine tasting begins at 6:30, you are welcome to come in earlier for a drink, Grape Therapy will be open especially for us this Sunday at 6:00. 

Sunday May 9, 6:30 $39
Grape Therapy 471 Adelaide St CBD
Tasting of four wines, run by sommelier Sebastian Langkamer